Thursday, December 1, 2011

Fab time at the November 2011 Salon!

What a great night! Claudia Dain, Olivia Kelly and Katharine Ashe rocked the house and we had a great time celebrating romance with our LJS RDU friends!

Claudia, Katharine and Oliva!

RDU Directors and Fab Readers: Katharine Ashe, Deb Marlowe, Jodie Pearson-1/2 of Lydia Dare, Claudia Dain, Tammy Falkner-1/2 of Lydia Dare and Olivia Kelly.

Deb Marlowe, Olivia Kelly and Incredibly Cool Girl Erin Knightley :-)

We won't have gather for a salon in December, but please join us in January when we will welcome Becky Moore, Marcia Colette and Catherine Gayle!