Thursday, August 28, 2014

A Hot Time at Our August Salon!

Many thanks to everyone for making our August Salon such a grand time!  The temps were hot and so was the Romance!

Deb Marlowe started off the night reading from A Waltz in the Park from the anthology An Encounter in Hyde Park.

Debra Kay read from her debut, Excapades.

And Erin Knightley finished out the night reading from The Baron Next Door.

We had a lovely evening, welcomed several new attendees, adored hanging out with our regular crowd and got to celebrate a lot of lovely good news, including an engagement, and a spot on the NYT!

The Directors would like to take a moment to say how much we have adored our new location this year.  Another Broken Egg Cafe has been amazing to us--and we are sad to bid goodbye to our first contact here: Jennifer.  We wish her the best of luck in her new situation and are looking forward to working with Mike to continue to our lovely Salon evenings!

We hope to see you all back next month!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Cool off at the Salon...

Summer is almost over and we're celebrating it in style at this month's Lady Jane's Salon Raleigh-Durham. This month we'll be hosting Erin Knightley, Debra Kaye and our own Deb Marlowe. Here is a sneak peek at this week's event.

ERIN KNIGHTLEY will read from THE BARON NEXT DOOR, from her Prelude to a Kiss series....

Charity Effington learned two valuable lessons from her first betrothal:1) When one loses the attention of an earl, one gains the attention of every gossip in London.2) Despite the lingering scandal, she’s not prepared to marry for anything less than love.

After an exhausting Season, Bath’s first annual music festival offers Charity the perfect escape. Between her newly formed trio and her music-loving grandmother, Charity is free to play the pianoforte to her heart’s content. That is, until their insufferably rude, though undeniably handsome, neighbor tells her to keep the “infernal racket” to a minimum.Hugh Danby, Baron Cadgwith, may think he’s put an end to the noise, but he has no idea what he’s begun. Though the waters of Bath provide relief from the suffering of his war injuries, he finds his new neighbor bothersome, vexing, and…inexplicably enchanting. Before long, Hugh suspects that even if his body heals, it’s his heart that might end up broken.

DEBRA KAYE will read from EXCAPADES.

Lila has seen good days. But the day her only child starts college turns dark. Her husband, Peter, announces he is leaving her. Alone for the first time, Lila is lost.

Blake has devoted his life to his career. He has the perfect muscular build to show for his years in the Marines. On the surface, Blake is flawless. Chiseled and defined. But deep within, something is missing.

Just when Lila thinks she has hit the bottom a familiar handsome face from the past lights up her life. Blake. He reminds her what happiness feels like. . . and passion. An EXplosion of new and Exciting feelings surge through her body. But they hurt each other once, can they trusttheir feelings a second time. And will Lila’s secret halt their chance for a future together.

And our own DEB MARLOWE will read her novella A WALTZ IN THE PARK which can be found in the An Encounter at Hyde Park anthology...

James Vickers once believed honor and family duty to be his life's work. Now he knows better--and he's appointed himself as silent witness to his father's sins. His greatest goal is to act as the continuously pricking thorn in his lordship's side--and scandal is his greatest weapon. He has no use for an innocent young miss.

Propriety is Miss Adelaide Stockton's most important asset. She must be all that is prim and proper if she's to live down her parent's misdeeds and have any hope of catching a husband. She must avoid scoundrels like Vickers at all costs. Yet fate has thrown them together--and given each a key to the other's ambition. A bargain is struck...but together they find that gaining what one desires most is far more difficult than a waltz in the park.