Thursday, March 26, 2015

March Salon at LJS RDU

Many thanks to our fabulous readers this month!  Our new venue is working for us!  The staff is welcoming, the food is great and our attendees are awesome, as always!

Judy Teel kicked us off, reading from her paranormal, Shifty Magic

Joan Leotta read from her historical Giulia Goes to War

And Iris Bolling finished out the night when she turned on the sexual tension and read from Synergy!

Hope to see you next month!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

This March at the Salon...

We are very excited to welcome you back to Lady Jane's Salon Raleigh-Durham at Cafe Carolina at the Arboretum in Cary. Some great authors will be joining us this month. So without further ado...

JUDY TEEL will read from SHIFTY MAGIC...

"A tough teenaged girl hunts a serial killer in a paranormal dystopian world. 

Abandoned at birth, Addison Kittner's been on her own since she was a kid--ever since the paranormal terrorists attacked cities around the world. Battling creatures that go bump in the night nearly destroyed human society. Good thing not all paranormals were evil and the terrorists were eventually stopped. Bad thing? Nothing would ever be the same again. 

Now Addison makes her living as a private investigator and bounty hunter. One night she comes across a girl about to be killed by three rogue vampires. Addison kicks some vamp butt and saves the girl, even when one of the vamps escapes. Just her luck, he turns up dead the next morning, inspiring the vampire leaders to put pressure on her to solve the case or take the rap. As if that wasn't bad enough, her ex-lover, werewolf FBI agent, Cooper Daine, approaches her and gives her an offer she can't refuse...a paycheck. Mixing business with lust is never a good idea, but neither is starving, so she accepts. 

But as the body count builds, Addison finds herself embroiled in an ever deepening and dangerous mystery. One that leads her to something frighteningly personal. Her unknown heritage."


Wartime work draws Giulia DeBartolo out of her close Western Pennsylvania family into a world of intrigue, spies and new friends in Wilmington NC's shipyard building Liberty ships. Giulia soon discovers that supporting the war effort can include fun evenings of  dancing with young servicemen at the local USO where she meets John O'Shea an unsuitable suitor according to her old-fashioned parents.

As the grapple with the problems of their own budding relationship, John and Giulia encounter a Nazi spy tasked with blowing up part of the Wilmington shipyard.  Saving the shipyard from the spy may prove easier than convincing her parents to let her marry John. Giulia must decide what it means to be a good daughter while still following her own heart.

And IRIS BOLLING will read from SINERGY...

Xavier Davenport creates homes and communities for underprivileged families. His goal was clear. Make his brother proud by reaching out to help others. Women were for fun, period. That was until he witness the passion of his brothers’ marriage. Xavier wanted the same for himself. His first step into a serious relationship turned out bad with a capital B. The woman, was beautiful, smart and sexy. The sex was good…but…there was no passion.

In walks Nicole Brooks.

With a multi-billion dollar deal on the table that will establish her in the international real estate world, Nicole Brooks has no time for drama. As a member of one of the wealthiest families in the country, her life is spread out on the front pages of magazines, variety television and blogs. The last thing she needs is a scandal… Xavier Davenport.

Now…there is sensuous…sexy…even scandalous. When architect, Xavier Davenport meets real estate developer, Nicole Brooks they cross the line of all three to create a new word in sexual tension: Sinergy.

The problem? Woman-Money-Media.

To add to the mix, Xavier and Nicole are in the crosshair of someone out to destroy the Brooks’ name and they are taking no prisoners.