Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Lovely summer evening at Lady Jane's Salon RDU

The humidity and high temps held off, just for our June reading at LJS RDU!  It turned out to be a Regency evening, with the historical heroes bringing the heat!

Erin Knightley charmed the audience reading her debut, More Than a Stranger!

Regina Jeffers read her thrilling tale, The Disappearance of Georgiana Darcy!

Deb Marlowe, reading from Unbuttoning Miss Hardwick.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer has come to Lady Jane's RDU!

School is out! Summer is upon us! And Lady Jane's Raleigh-Durham is excited about our June salon!

ERIN KNIGHTLEY will dazzle us with her debut release MORE THAN A STRANGER, the first in her Sealed With a Kiss series.

AN UNCOVERED BETRAYAL When his family abandoned him at Eton , Benedict Hastings found an unexpected ally in his best friend's sister. Her letters kept him going--until the day he had to leave everything behind. Years later, Benedict has seen his share of betrayal, but when treachery hits close to home, he turns to his old friend for safe haven....

AN UNWANTED ATTRACTION After five torturous years on the marriage circuit, Lady Evelyn Moore is finally free to live her life as she wishes. So when her brother shows up with a dashing stranger, she finds herself torn between her dreams...and newfound desires.

AN UNSTOPPABLE INTRIGUE Despite his determination to keep Evie at a distance, Benedict cannot deny the attraction that began with a secret correspondence. Yet as they begin to discover one another, the dangers of Benedict's world find them, threatening their lives, their love, and everything they thought they could never have...

~ * ~

Austen sequel author Regina Jeffers will read from THE DISAPPEARANCE OF GEORGIANA DARCY!

Shackled in the dungeon of a macabre castle with no recollection of her past, a young woman finds herself falling in love with her captor - the estate's master. Trusting him before she regains her memory and unravels the castle's wicked truths would be a catastrophe.

Far away at Pemberley, the Darcys happily gather to celebrate the marriage of Kitty Bennet. But a dark cloud sweeps through the festivities: Georgiana has disappeared without a trace. Upon receiving word of his sister's likely demise, Darcy and his wife, Elizabeth, seek answers in the unfamiliar and menacing Scottish moors.

How can Darcy keep his sister safe from the most sinister threat she has ever faced when he doesn't even know if she's alive? True to Austen's style and rife with malicious villains, dramatic revelations and heroic gestures, this suspense-packed mystery places Darcy and Elizabeth in the most harrowing situation thy have ever faced - finding Georgiana before it's too late.

~ * ~ 

And finally, our very own DEB MARLOWE will be reading from her latest release - UNBUTTONING MISS HARDWICK!

Adopting the guise of a buttoned-up spinster is nothing new for Chloe Hardwick. But under the watchful eye of her unnervingly handsome employer, the Marquess of Marland, for the first time Chloe yearns to be unbuttoned!

Yet he sees her only as his assistant, the efficient Hardwick—not as Chloe the woman. Determined to escape Braedon's cold detachment, Chloe leaves. And when he pursues her to London, determined to entice her back, Braedon is utterly unprepared for what he finds there—the real Chloe Hardwick…