Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sweet to Hot: February at Lady Jane's Salon RDU!

We covered the full spectrum of heat at Lady Jane's RDU February Salon!

Kianna Alexander started us off with her sweet historical romance:

Ava Stone giving it her all as she gives us a sneak peek from her new Regency novella:

And Mari Freeman heats it up with her erotic romance!

Many thanks to our wonderful attendees! We had a great time celebrating readers and writers of romance and contributing to our two great charities!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

February ~ the month of Candy, Roses & Lady Jane's Salon...

So, Valentine's Day only happens once a year. We, here at Lady Jane's Salon Raleigh-Durham, celebrate love and romance all year long.

This month at the salon, you can hear:

KIANNA ALEXANDER will read from her latest release KISSING THE CAPTAIN an interracial historical romance.

In 1879, near the small northern California town of Ridgeway, Lilly Warren is a young black woman who has recently lost her father. There is little time for mourning, though, as the responsibility of running the twenty-six acre farm now belongs to her. To make matters even more complex, her father has deeded the house and the land to her in his will with an interesting condition: that she share the land with a person she's never met, or forfeit ownership.

Ricardo Benigno is a Spanish captain of the Anna Juanita, a shipping vessel bringing spices and oils to the shores of California. Seeking out the farm of his old friend Leonard Warren, he discovers that the older man has passed away. To his surprise, Ricardo has also been willed joint ownership of Warren land, as long as he shares it with Lilly, Warren's only child.
The attraction between them is instant, and they both agree that marriage is the only acceptable way they can share the land. But can two people from such different worlds learn to love each other, or will Lilly's heart be broken if she dares to kiss the captain?

~ * ~

MARI FREEMAN will read from HOT, HARD & HOWLING, the first in her Hot, Hard series.

Nell Ambercroft hasn’t done anything wrong. Lately. So why is someone trying to kill her? When a horde of moths lead her to a puzzle box in her basement, the Demon Hafling knows she’s found a clue. The box has some serious mojo working, powerful enough to kill for…and Nell’s at the top of the hit list.

Enter Werewolf Trent Nicholas. As Prime for the area, it’s Trent’s job to protect Nell and investigate the crime. Nell knows he’d rather investigate her body, which is fine by her; she’s loved the man for years. While the sex is sizzling, Trent continues to go cold every time he leaves the warmth of her body.

Trent’s always wanted the spunky half-Demon, but the men in his family have a nasty habit of murdering their mates. He refuses to give in to his wolf’s need to claim Nell. If he doesn’t, she might not have to worry about a killer on the loose. She could die by Trent’s hand first…

~ * ~

And finally, AVA STONE will read from her Regency era novella By Any Other Name which can be found in the anthology THE BETTING SEASON.

Lord Cleasby bets Mr. Potsdon five hundred pounds that Lord St. Austell will bed Lady Philippa Casemore before the end of the season. ~ April 19, 1813

Lady Philippa Casemore caused quite a scene at her very first ball of her very first season. She even landed herself, somehow, on the pages of the infamous betting book at White's gentleman's club. Unfortunately, she doesn't remember one moment of the night in question. Not the music. Not the notorious rake she'd dragged into the middle of the dance floor. Not the flask of opium-laced brandy she'd downed without realizing it's contents...

Jason York, the wicked Earl of St. Austell, can't quite forget the lady who stole his breath away the previous night. Of course, his broken nose, courtesy of the girl's brother, did have a way of making an impression. When he stumbles into Lady Philippa the next day, his ego is more than bruised when she doesn't seem to recall him at all and a scheme to make certain she never forgets him again quickly forms in Jason's mind.