Wednesday, September 16, 2015

"Fall" in Love at Lady Jane's this September

Don't miss this month's Lady Jane's Salon Raleigh-Durham! We are once again at Cafe Carolina at the Arboretum in Cary - 137 Weston Parkway * Cary NC 27513 Parking can go quickly at the Arboretum, so feel free to arrive early.

We have some amazing authors lined up! 

SARRA CANNON will read from EMERALD DARKNESS, the first in her Beautiful Darkness YA/NA series.

Killing a priestess in the most evil organization of witches in the world has its consequences... 

Harper Brighton is standing on the precipice of a great and terrible war. The sapphire demon gates have fallen, but the four remaining priestesses of the Order of Shadows and their ruler--the mysterious High Priestess--continue to enslave demons from the Shadow World to steal their power.

Harper and her friends in the Demon Liberation Movement target the Emerald gates--a dangerous and far more cunning enemy than any they have ever faced. No one is safe. Destruction comes in the blink of an eye, and the entire human world finds itself frozen, locked in perpetual darkness.

Now, Harper must battle her darkest fears in order to save those she loves most. Will she lead them to victory or will everything they've fought for be lost forever?

CAREN CRANE will read from TIARA WARS, the first book in her Cross Springs contemporary romance series. 

Katie Warren's life was always determined by the rules and expectations of others. Everything from her beauty pageant wins to heading up community fundraisers has been to please other people. When her husband dies unexpectedly and a past secret comes to light, Katie must face the fact that her life isn't quite what she—or anyone else—thought it was. 

With the help of her best friend, her daughter and maybe even her demanding mother, Katie sets out to determine what she wants from life. And it may very well include a handsome Italian restaurateur.

And our own AVA STONE will read from ONE MORE HAUNTED EVENING from her Regency Seasons Series...

Three London gentlemen return to Marisdùn Castle this fall for another haunted Samhain masquerade. Lord Quentin Post is still in pursuit of his angel. Mr. David Thorn is searching for his artist. And Mr. Sidney Garrick is still on a quest for more than just a little fun.

But when a powerful entity is accidentally released inside the castle walls, all bets are off and the lives of the three gentlemen in question will never be the same again.