Thursday, August 27, 2015

Hot Nights, Great Romance

We had three fantastic readers at this month's Lady Jane's Salon RDU!

Claudia Dain teased us unmercifully with the ALMOST DONE Taming of Miss Grey

Nancy Young read from two of her paranormal romantic suspense books featuring the Paranormal Posse!

And Hilde McQueen treated us to a listen to her A Widow's Choice--and told us all how a reader titled the book!

Hope to see you next month!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

This August...

Join us for another lively Lady Jane's Salon Raleigh-Durham at Cafe Carolina at the Arboretum this month to hear...

Lady Jane's Salon RDU's own CLAUDIA DAIN will read from her latest Regency - TAMING MISS GREY from her More Courtesan Chronicles series...

Elizabeth Grey came to England under loud protest. Elizabeth's aunt, Sophia Dalby turned a deaf ear to it. Elizabeth's twin brother, George Grey, allowed her to come to England under (nearly) silent protest. What kind of girl doesn't want a London Season? An Iroquois girl from the deep woods of New York, a girl with an abiding distrust of all things English. 

Lord Raithby is a very English gentleman with an excessive love of horses and only horses. Only child to a widowed earl, it is his duty to marry, and he will, someday, to someone suitable. Miss Grey is most unsuitable. Miss Grey is a wild, ill-behaved, untamed Indian from the wilds of America. Miss Grey is a girl who has no use for him, even after he kisses her. Especially after he kisses her. 

Miss Grey wants taming. Lord Raithby is determined to be the Englishman who tames the savage Miss Grey. What could go wrong?

NANCY YOUNG joins us to read from her debut suspense SEEING THINGS...

When Mary Catherine finds herself trapped teaching students who'd rather text than compose, placating a husband who'd prefer to surf porn than indulge in real sex, and nurturing a teen that wants to be left alone with his earbuds, she bailsnot to gobble pasta in Italy or to embark on a road trip with a cadre of kooky females. She divorces, moves to a haunted mansion in Philadelphia’s blue-blooded Main Line, and unwittingly takes up ghost hunting.

Snarky, overeducated Mary Catherine confronts her buried past and Tony, the sexy and persistent tech support for a reality show dedicated to debunking hauntings.  Humor, passion, and terror mix in a spine-chilling, life-affirming tale of a woman's twisted path to self-discovery.

And finally, HILDIE McQUEEN will share her Western Historical THE WIDOW'S CHOICE: THE BRIDES OF COLTER VALLEY...

Comely widow Charlotte (Charlie) Kennedy is in over her head. Between running a huge ranch and keeping a cruel rancher at arms length, she doesn't need the added distraction of romance.

Colter Valley calls to Rafe Preston, who decides to purchase land and settle there. When he accepts a temporary job at a beautiful widow's ranch, he has no idea how much it will impact his plans.
Passion, deception and treachery, blend into a beautiful love story, set in 1860s Montana Territory.