Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Season and A Night to Remember at Lady Jane's Salon RDU!

 We enjoyed a lovely Spring evening, grand company and readings from the Regency Historical Anthology, A Season to Remember.

Catherine Gayle started us off for the evening reading from her story, To Enchant an Icy Earl.

Ava Stone followed up with a spirited rendition of My Lord Hercules.

And Jerrica Knight-Catania-who traveled from Florida to read with us!- finished up with A Penny for Your Thoughts.

Thanks to all of you who attend and help us lift the genre and support our fabulous charities!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

At the April Salon...

This is a first for us at Lady Jane's Salon Raleigh-Durham. While we always have three authors read aloud at LJS RDU, we haven't ever had three authors read from the same book. But there is a first for everything. Catherine Gayle, Ava Stone, and (all the way from Florida) Jerrica Knight-Catania will introduce us to the Bartlett family as each will read from their Regency anthology A SEASON TO REMEMBER.

In CATHERINE GAYLE’s To Enchant an Icy Earl...

As the Earl of Fordingham, Tristan Cavendish has lived by the code his father beat into him for so long he’s driven everyone in his life away, including his brother. Now he is alone. Loneliness dictates he must change, so he sets out to make amends with his only sibling. Alas, his brother seems none too inclined to hear him out, and a woman who must be a vision from Fordingham’s dreams walks into his path. Now, more than ever before, he knows he must change his ways or risk driving her away as well…but how?

Miss Calista Bartlett is on the hunt for a husband—but one who is nothing at all like the betrayer who was her former beau. When she sees the Earl of Fordingham across the room at a soiree, she knows she’s found the very man who is everything her one-time beau was not. Fordingham presents an icy fa├žade to the world, but Calista discovers a passionate man who kisses her feverishly and warms her through to the bones. Can she ever convince him to let down his guard permanently?

~ * ~

In AVA STONE’s My Lord Hercules...

Miss Miranda Bartlett is on a mission to locate her missing friend. Determined hoyden that she is, she’ll do whatever it takes to get the answers she seeks too, even if that means dressing like a dandy, sneaking into a gaming hell, and surrounding herself with London’s worst reprobates. However, she didn’t plan on bumping into a Herculean gentleman along the way. The handsome and honorable Lord Harrison Casemore immediately thwarts her plans and seems determined to save her at every turn, making it more than difficult to accomplish her task.

Ever since Harry Casemore spotted the exotic temptress trying to pass herself off as a fop, he’s been drawn to her. He hasn’t figured out what she’s after, but he’s fairly certain he’d sell his soul if she’d just let him help her with whatever it is.

~ * ~

In JERRICA KNIGHT-CATANIA's A Penny For Your Thoughts...

Miss Penelope Bartlett has had a rough year, to say the least. She lost her eldest brother and her father in one fell swoop, and to make matters worse she had to miss out on her very first London Season. Now she's in the thick of the Little Season and all she wants to do is run away. It's torture to watch her siblings fall in love and she's simply not in the mood to make merry with all of them. Especially when they treat her as if she's still a little girl in leading strings. 

Enter Drake Lockwell, Viscount Flitwick. He, too, is typically eager to escape crowded ballrooms and matchmaking mamas in favor of his own company in a deserted garden or library. But a chance meeting in his brother’s garden one night changes everything. Miss Bartlett is young and impetuous, yet he can't help but fall prey to her charms. Perhaps she will be the one to finally mend the hole in his heart...

Or will his secrets be more than Penelope is able to handle?