Thursday, January 31, 2013

Adventure Time at Lady Jane's Salon RDU January 2013

It was an eventful night at LJS RDU!  We lost two directors to illness, we had tornado warnings, the power went out (only briefly, thank goodness, especially since it stayed out a block up the street!)  But someone was smiling on us, because the lights stayed on, our three wonderful readers all made it safely, our delightful attendees braved the wind and weather and we had a great night!

Cynthia Cooke read from Deadly Secrets, Loving Lies.

Heather McCollum not only read from Captured Heart, but she taught us to make tinctures and poultices and brought her own Highlanders to be doctored!

And we were thrilled to welcome Lady Jane's Salon founder Hope Tarr, who read from Operation Cinderella and brought along her audio publisher from Audio Realms. 

We were also thrilled to welcome a representative from our new charity SafeSpace and donate a gift for their silent auction.  We sincerely hope it helps in their mission to help women and children who are victims of domestic abuse.

Thank you all, for a wonderful night!

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